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Hi Scott,


Thank you so much for your excellent house inspection of our property. 


We were extremely impressed with your professional inspection and your detailed report complete with clear photographs.  The inspection of our property, though no major problems were revealed, was very insightful.  My husband and I are confident in your findings and appreciate that you, the owner of your business, were the inspector we dealt with. 


Your service easily earns you a 5 in a 1-5 star rating system and for that reason we have recommended your services to our entire neighborhood for their new home anniversary dates.


Thank you again.


Best~Ann Marie

"Scott Fuller was extremely knowledgeable, punctual, and thorough with my home inspection.  He was great about explaining things in layman's terms too.  He noticed many things that otherwise would have gone ignored.  I highly recommend Mr. Fuller."


Scott. I would give you a five star rating.


Judy Tseng

Cary, NC

Thank you Scott! this is the most comprehensive inspection report I

 have ever received. will definitely recommend you to the others in the future!

 thank you for a thorough job!



 Hello Scott,

Thanks for your meticulous inspection and detailed, informative report.


I'd rate your performance a 5 out of 5. Your thoroughness was indeed phenomenal.


Cindy and I will review it and we will most definitely contact you if  we have any questions.



Thank you very much for your thorough evaluation. We will definitely recommend you to others. 5 Stars, You were very professional. Scott discovered violations that others missed! Would definitely recommend.


Many thanks, Raphael


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