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Roof and roof flashing is one of the most important aspects of a home in order to protect the home from the elements. The roof is one of the most important areas of concern for home owners and buyers. Most often, home owners or buyers are unaware of the condition of a roof simply because it is an area not accessible or easy to view from the ground. The condition of a roof can be compromised during the construction process or over the course of time.  Improper handling by the roofing contractor, tools, foot traffic, scuffing, improper shingle tab exposure, torn shingles and inclement weather are all items that affect your roofs condition.  

As technology develops and improves, so does our inspection techniques. We implement the use of drone technology with a 2.7K camera to fly over your home. The ability to video your roof with precise accuracy gives you the advantage and benefit of a clear picture of the roofs condition. 

The drone allows viewing of roof defects that are just not possible from the ground. Below are examples of Improper Shingle Tab Installation, Torn Shingles at the Ridge, and Missing Flue Cap at a Vent Hood. 


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