Home Sellers

  As a seller you want to sell your home for the highest possible price and realize as much profit as you can from your investment.  A buyer, of course, will try to negotiate with you for the lowest possible price. Unfortunately, after all is said and done... there is the inspection and then there are repairs.

Home inspection repair costs can be thousands of dollars, depending on the nature of the items found.  That is why having a "pre-listing" inspection performed on your home is a smart idea. A pre-listing inspection would be conducted just as if you were a buyer looking to buy your home for the first time.  Problem areas will be identified for you so that you may obtain estimates for repairs.  Having made repairs in advance, your home will be in tip-top shape, thereby making a good impression on the buyer and helping your home sell faster.  You may also advertise that your home has been "pre-inspected."  Should you decide not to complete any repairs at this time, you will know what your bottom line has to be in order to cover any anticipated repair requests.    

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