I offer one year new home warranty inspections as a service to home owners. If you have not had your home inspected, now is the time. If you are able to tell your builder specific problems with your home before the end of your one year warranty, chances are the builder will repair the issue. After your one year warranty, traditionally the cost would come out of your pocket. Builders are often unware of the items that are in need of repair. There may be potential repair items within your home or crawl space of which you are unaware. I have inspected numerous new homes and have found items that were in need of immediate repair. As a licensed home inspector and licensed general contractor, I have real experience and understanding of how homes are designed, built and function.

Why you need your home inspected before the warranty expires:

  • Municiple inspectors do not check the operation of electrical, plumbing or heating/ cooling
  • Many new homes have roof or roof flashing defects, causing leaks that may go undetected
  • Many new homes may have improperly grounded or wired electrical outlets
  • Many homes have siding or trim defects, causing wind driven rain entry
  • Attics and crawl spaces may have split rafters, cut floor joist, or poor bearing of girders
  • Even though you may have had your home inspected, problems may have developed since

Cut Floor Joist around plumbing pipe.  There was lack of support under the bathroom.


Now is the time to act before your warranty runs out and you are stuck with the repair expenses. Negotiating with your builder for repairs while still under warranty is the way to get things done. Imagine what the repair expenses would be if you had to hire a Roofer, HVAC mechanical contractor, Licenced General contractor, Licensed Plumber and a Licensed Electrician to repair problem areas. Furthermore, if problem areas go undected for years, repair expenses may even be greater. Protect yourself and your investment.  Please consider Scott Fuller Home Inspection Services for your inspection needs. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please call me today at 919-524-5987 to set up an appointment or schedule your inspection with me at my schedule forms page on the site.




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